IoT – Use It or Lose

How with the Internet of Things (IoT) effect YOUR business?

Recently, we hosted a panel event to answer that very question.  The event, titled IoT – Use It or Lose, provided attendees an opportunity to hear from experts about what exactly IoT is and what it means for both businesses and consumers. While the phrase ‘IoT’ is heard often enough these days, most people don’t fully grasp its meaning or how the IoT will affect their particular business or industry. The panelists provided an overview of the IoT, along with specific examples of how it’s being utilized in today’s economy.

The 3-person panel was comprised of two IoT experts, Amie Gray (CEO of N3 Innovation) and Sarah Cooper, PhD (COO of Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corp), who were joined by Tony Quintong (CEO of Securieon Group), an expert on the business mergers and acquisitions side.  Bruce La Fetra (principal of La Fetra Consulting) served as the Panel moderator.

The goal was to keep the group small to ensure detailed, interactive discussion and to allow for opportunities to ask (and answer) specific questions. With about 20 attendees from a variety of industries – including Finance, Manufacturing, and Engineering – the panel topics stimulated lively discussion amongst the group.  This included dialog around strategy and planning for new business opportunities made available as a result of the IoT.  The group discussed several current business cases (many focused on local Silicon Valley Enterprises) with respect to IoT trends and progressive industry specific transformations.

The Internet of Things begins with THE INTERNET.  In this era of innovation, technology strategy is a cornerstone to building a successful business. Contact Sean McLean, PP&Co Technology Director ( to discuss the benefits of CIO-as-a-Service and Technology Strategy/Planning, or to schedule a free one-hour consultation and high level assessment. Sean specializes in small and medium sized businesses and can help increase efficiency in Accounting, ERP, CRM, Document, and security platforms.

Follow the links below, thoughtfully provided by our panelists, to learn more.

Tony Quintong, CEO, Securieon Group

HBR | How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models Traditional business models will not survive in an Internet of Things (IoT) economy. Period. IoT is forcing companies today to rethink how they create ‘an experience of value’ for their customers.

Amie Gray, CEO, N3 Innovation

Forbes | “Six Ways to Define Your Internet of Things Strategy Innovation is a strategy to anticipate and create the future. Three strategic approaches are outlined in this article.

“Everything you need to know about Gartner’s Hype Cycle” Gartner help us keep the “hype” of IoT in perspective. The article describes the Hype cycle, how it works, and what it means for business.

Sarah Cooper, COO, M2Mi

“The Internet of Robotic Things: Secure, harmless helpers or vulnerable, vicious foes?”  Although the topic didn’t come up in our discussion, security is an important issue.

Here’s a presentation on getting to Insight from IoT Device Data.

Bruce La Fetra, La Fetra Consulting

HBR | The Internet of Things Changes the Company-Customer Relationship  Our interaction with devices is profoundly changing – they are becoming more like interconnected services than products.

HBR | Strategic Choices in Building the Smart, Connected Mine  Don’t let the title fool you. While this article describes how sensors and connectivity are driving an evolution in manufacturing, the mining examples are easy to extend across a range of businesses.