The Fix is In…Finding Gold in the New Repair Regs

On Wednesday, October 1st, the firm hosted a seminar to discuss the newly finalized Repair Regulations at the Silicon Valley Capital Club.

David Doolin, Partner at PPCo and Gian Pazzia, ASCSP President and Principal at KBKG Cost Segregations, were the featured speakers.

DDDavid Doolin is responsible for providing audit and tax services for closely held business, their owners, and their families. He is an active member of the Firm’s Real Estate Practice Group and has been involved with the real estate practice for over 20 years.





Gian PazziaGian Pazzia oversees all KBKG Cost Segregation operations nationally. He is also the subject matter expert for KBKG’s 263(a) Repairs vs. Capitalization services. Topics included the following:




  • Understanding the safe harbors for deducting building expenditures
  • How to use the new regulations to accelerate deductions when you fall outside the safe harbors
  • Accelerating the deduction of previously capitalized costs
  • Using cost segregation to maximize the benefits of the new regulations