Scott Watters

Scott WattersConsidering current advances in technology and automation, what do you see as the shifting role of public accounting? As automation increases, there will be a reduction in repetitive tasks and basic tax, audit, and accounting services will become more of a commodity.   Focusing on analyzing key data points, increasing business operations efficiencies, and providing innovative tax planning ideas will become ever more important.  The ability to analyze complex issues that require significant judgment is critical.   Clients will look to us to provide industry specific advice and to use that industry knowledge to solve their problems and provide value.

The Firm core values are outlined as Excellence, People, Integrity, Independence, and Care. How do you embody these ‘EPIIC’ values?
Excellence:  I am always looking to provide value through innovative and timely tax planning ideas that reduce the tax bills for our clients.
People:  I appreciate the hard work that our team puts in.  I recognize the importance of each employee to the success of our firm, and want to continuously recognize and appreciate their efforts.
Integrity:  I strive to always do what is right both in my personal and professional life and will not cut corners to do so.
Independence:  I want to grow the firm through industry expertise (particularly in the Club tax area) and by helping other niche groups with timely and valuable tax planning ideas. Continuous firm growth and improvement ensures we remain independent and can continue to serve or clients with the quality and attention they deserve and expect.
Care:  I care deeply about our clients’ success and our employees’ growth, both in the short-term and the long-term.

How do you measure success?
Success for me is to provide value to clients by helping them achieve/realize their personal and financial goals.  Receiving appreciation from clients and/or employees provides a great deal of satisfaction as well.