Culture & Community

What we do matters.

Heart walk 2011_3

It matters to us :

How do you measure what matters?  At PP&Co, we measure it by our continued commitment to our clients and each other.  Our management team fosters a culture of inclusion, collaboration and trust – from the Partners, to the staff accountants, to the clients.  At our firm, every member matters.

It matters to our community:

How do you measure meaningful impact?  Is it qualitative or quantitative?  At PP&Co, we measure it by the benefits to the community and to ourselves.  In giving back to our community, we are also giving to each other.

Our Community Involvement Committee was conceived, and is directed, by the staff. They coordinate volunteer opportunities based on the interests of PP&Co employees and the needs of the community.

Whether working with children, protecting the environment, or raising awareness, we recognize that by acting together we can have a meaningful impact.