Management Team


  • Min Zhao

    With PP&Co Since 2014

    “PP&Co provides employees a supportive environment with flexible schedules, which helps us achieve a better work-life balance, and feel happier and get more engaged. I enjoy working with my colleagues to assist my clients with their tax issues.”

  • Jing Yen

    With PP&Co Since 2013

    “At PP&Co I’m encouraged to speak up and share ideas with my peers. Being candid is not just the ‘the right thing to do,’ it’s an excellent business strategy. As a manager, my goal is to celebrate this thriving culture and ensure the success of colleagues and clients alike.”

  • Kevin Haller, Sr Mgr

    With PP&Co Since 2012

    “Being a Manager at PPCo allows me to interact with clients and help resolve their issues. My colleagues are fun, friendly, and highly motivated. We all share the same passion to serve our clients.”

  • Rita Kuo

    With PP&Co Since 2000

    “Most people spend the majority of their waking weekday hours at work. PP&Co has a friendly working environment and provides flexible working hours, both are aspects that encourage work/life balance.”

  • Martita Emde, Sr Mgr

    With PP&Co since 2016

    “I love being in Santa Cruz and serving clients in the community in which I live. I joined the PP&Co Santa Cruz office in November 2016, and during this short time I already feel very integrated into the PP&Co family.”

  • Manny Dinis

    With PP&Co since 2015

    “We have a great group of people at our firm who look out for one and other. We are consistently striving to grow professionally and become experts in our respective fields.”

  • Cara Fite

    With PP&Co since 2016

    “As a new employee at PP&Co I enjoy the culture and size of the company. We have a great group of people who are very welcoming and helpful. The size of the firm is perfect to help foster a good working relationship with clients and co-workers.”

  • Jacob Chung

    With PP&Co since 2016

    “I enjoy helping our clients plan tax strategies that fit their needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategic method for every client, so each case comes with a colorful planning process and unique effort.”

  • Jennifer Gandrup

    With PP&Co since 2017

    “At PP&Co we are team-oriented, providing both excellent service to our clients and the development and support of one another professionally. As a parent, I appreciate the flexible work schedules and ability to work remotely so the needs of clients and family can be met and a balance achieved.”

  • Destiny Flood, Sr Mgr

    With PP&Co since 2015

    “At PP&Co I’m able to thrive professionally and also have work-life balance as a mother of two young children. I truly enjoy everyone I work with and love our firm’s culture. We all work hard to continuously add value to our clients. I look forward to being a part of our firm’s future.”

  • Tim Ulen, Sr Mgr

    With PP&Co since 2012

    “The thing I love most about working at PP&Co is the constant sense of community. The familial relationships among coworkers and strong partnerships with clients create a unique environment in which everyone is motivated to be better – not just for themselves but the people around them.”

  • Ann Wright

    With PP&Co Since 2008

    “I love my HR job at PP&Co! I help staff by making their lives easier and, in the process, hope it allows them to focus on helping our clients.”

  • Laurie Chavez

    With PP&Co since 1994

    “I’ve been at PP&Co for 19 years. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of changes. One thing that hasn’t changed is that I’m still proud to say I work for PP&Co.”